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SuperNova Reflector

Premium HID Reflector
SuperNova Reflector - Premium HID Reflector

Introduced into the UK market in 1993, and a best seller ever since. There have been minor modifications along the way and the product is still, in our opinion, as good as anything on the market.

In addition to the standard SuperNova, we also carry the Air-Cooled and In-Out Air-Cooled models, especially suitable for hot greenhouse environments and Summer weather.

When using with Metal Halide lamps, or air cooling, we recommend the use of our hardened safety glass screen, which fits any SuperNova model.

The ducting hole on the Air-Cooled model is 75mm. On the In-Out model, both holes are 150mm.

Safety glass screen and frame £33.00 Normal
SuperNova £59.95 Free
SuperNova Air-Cooled (75mm) £74.95 Free
SuperNova In-Out Air Cooled (150mm) £74.95 Free

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